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Album Options

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We prepare your photographs for all media: Prints, HDTV, iPhone, Web


By choosing Talking Pictures to photograph your wedding, you get the best of both worlds: a beautiful printed album and all your digital image files too on DVD. The DVD also contains:

  • printable High Resolution files
  • HDTV sized images for viewing in fantastic detail on your TV
  • Tablet & Smartphone ready image files so that you can carry your pictures with you.
  • Facebook-ready files to share on social media.


Enquire about availability for your day, now.

DVD of image files includes high resDVD of image files

Coffee Table Album

A beautifully printed large-format coffee table book. It features an index, a gallery section of guest photos plus a thumbnail gallery of all pictures in the album with file numbers for easy location of the high-res’ files on the DVD.
ALL edited photographs from you big day are featured in the album which is typically 80+ pages

Artbook Album

The Artbook is a fully bound book that tells the story of your day. The photographs are printing onto the pages themselves and give the look of a contemporary look. It is a very nice way to present photographs and creates a particularly special album to keep. The Artbook measures 16” x 12” in either portrait or landscape format.
A family of 3 different album sizes can be ordered: the large main album, medium sized Parent Albums & small Pocket Books which make wonderful gifts.
There is a wide choice of materials available for the cover including leather, wood or a metallic finish.

Panoramic Album

The Panoramic measures 16” x 12”, landscape or portrait and images are placed within openings in the pages. “Flip Pages” can be added which open out to give a spectacular wide panoramic style.
The albums are of the highest quality, traditionally bound, hand assembled and, again, the choice of cover materials is very wide resulting in a beautifully presented keepsake. Parent Albums are also available sized 12″x8″.